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Keeping Your Sourdough Starter Alive

Having a Sourdough Starter is a great thing but they do require some work

Sourdough Bread Recipe & maintenance

Feeding your SourDough Starter

When kept at room temperature:
If kept at room temperature you will need to feed at least once a day. You may have to discard some of your starter to allow room in your jar for fresh feeding. You can use it to make a pancake or even follow the Rogues Sourdough Cracker Recipe.

Use even amounts of water and flower to feed.
Add 25 to 100gm Flour
Add 25 to 100gm warm water
Mix well let ferment

When keeping starter in Fridge:
You will need to feed at least once a week.
If you’re not going to be making bread for a while you can put your starter to sleep for up to about 7 to 10 days by feeding it well then placing it in the fridge. When you pull it out let it warm up for a couple hours and start feeding it in small amounts.

When you want to use it to cook you need to double up its size so you can cook as you may need up to 500gm of starter depending on recipe.

Standard Sour dough bread, Below is Full and half recipe

Full Recipe Half Recipe
275gr Water 138gr water
500gr Starter 250gr starter
450gr flour 235gr flour
60gr wheat flour 15gr wheat flour
20gr salt 10gr salt
Mix starter into warm water well then add all flour mix until a big mess and let rest in bowl for 30 min
Add salt mix into dough
Then Slap fold for 5 min
On a lightly floured surface do 1/3 fold into ball and let rest 10 min
Flip over a lightly floured surface do 1/3 fold into ball and let rest 10 min
Flip over a lightly floured surface and do 1/3 fold into ball and let rest 10 min
Pull into ball and let ferment/rise 2 to 3 hr or 1.5 in size
Flip and do 1/3 fold then pull into ball
Place in fermenting basket with well flowered cloth on bottom bowl topside down and then let rise 2 to 3 hours or 1.5+ in size
Preheat Cast Iron Dutch Oven in your oven to 500.
Flip bread out of bowel into Dutch over place lid on and place in oven for 20 min
Take lid off cook at 425 for additional 20 min
Let cool for 30 min before cutting or if you can wait let cool several hours.


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