Rogues Journey

Welcome to The Oasis we are on a journey to provide the best quality products we can. Products such as Unique Hot Sauces made with our own grown peppers, Freeze Dried Hunting, Camping & Hiking Meals to long term storage foods, Uniquely Blended Spices, Tinctures and Fresh Produce in season.
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John Overall

Life at The Rogue's Oasis & The Rogue's Tavern located at the Devil's Crossroad

My back story is…

The Rogue’s Oasis has come out of a need I had to get back to the land and work with my hands. Life has not always gone well or in the right directions but starting in 2018 that began to change.

It began with the death of my father and the building of his memorial website here and a realization that I needed to look to the future and see how I could help people out. It began by helping myself out and looking at the back yard which was just grass this was the beginning of what became The Rogue’s Oasis. In the beginning I was living in the city and only able to work on it on weekends and I simply called it the Yard. This went on for a few months until a close friend asked me if I was headed up to my Oasis to work on it and thus it became dubbed “The Rogue’s Oasis”.

This all occurred during Covid and the insanity around that. I started building out what has become an Urban forest/farm or an Oasis in modern society and it rapidly grew into a business.

I had different ideas on what I was going to do with this in the beginning but Covid changed all that. I started out wanting to talk about things such as:
What is in between the extreme survival guys and the Glamping people? Having it float from camping with a popup trailer to overnight survival camping while doing prospecting on mining claims and include bush craft as well, But it became talking about the farming at The Oasis. Which morphed into the Freeze Dried business.

The focus has been on the Westcoast (wetcoast) of British Columbia Canada

In many of my videos I have included retrospective journeys with stories knowledge as I have  shared and my experiences, thoughts, and ideas to the world.

Join me on this Rogue’s Journey of Growth and Self-Discovery. Finding out what getting back on the land eating good food and getting outdoors can do for you. You can find all the past videos on my YouTube Channel below.

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Videos from The Rogue's Oasis

Extraordinary Experiences

The extraordinary happens from time to time and when they happen I will endeavor to showcase those things here.

My Core Values

Everyone has their core values those taught to them in the early years of life. For men it is hoped you had a good father to give those values to you. These are mine.

The Rogues' Oasis