Planning Your Garden

Use the date calculator below to determine your best dates to start your seeds for your garden.

Find Your Last and First Frost dates for your area by going here. Use these dates to help determine when to start your seeds or set plants out.

It is important to figure out when you need to plant by figuring out how many Days/Weeks before your first frost date or before your last frost dates for optimal plant growth.

To use the calculator below. Simply enter the date you want to start your seeds or enter your first or last frost date and then enter the number of days/weeks/months from those dates and it will calculate out the date for you. Use this date with your first/last frost date to determine when is the best time to start your seeds indoors or your greenhouse.

Enter Time HH:MM AM/PM
Use 8 hour 'days'
Use only business days

Example of use: To use Date calculator above simply enter your first frost date i.e May 2, choose number of weeks i.e 6, flip switch to back hit calculate button and the premium planting date will be calculated for you to March 21. This is your optimal window for starting your seeds 6 weeks before your first frost date.

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