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Humanity at a Crossroad – Changing Times– For Good or Bad

Notes for Episode 96 The Rogues Tavern Talk  – Saloon Talk
Humanity at a Crossroad – Changing Times– For Good or Bad
The New Year is almost upon us and there is a feeling in the air of change. It is yet to be determined if this feeling in the air is good or bad but I have seen numerous posts on social media about people getting a feeling of something impending. No one has been able to identify it yet but it is coming. Are You Prepared??? …….. It's not all doom and gloom though we have lots of great tips and some good ol bitching and complaining here at the tavern………. I suggest that you….. Come on in out of the dark, settle down by the fire, have a drink and fall down some rabbit holes with us.
#changes, #newlife, #future, #morality, #timechange
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Episode 95 of Shooting The Shit at the Rogues Tavern
Tavern Talk Dec 27-2022
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Time for the Spirituality
What if the Bible is not just a history but a warning of the cycles of the planet and since we are living in the conjunction of multiple cycles coming together all at once and it is full of warnings.
Country boy will survive
Today's special video
Spider Cat
Today's Random Fun Fact
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John's Rant
Look into earthing…… Theory on why people get sick, it is because of releasing stress from the body causes toxins in the body that escape and cause people to get sick…
something interesting
John and Amber's Collaboration
Gardening/Urban Farming
  • Planting, Growing, Harvesting Tips
  • Random Garden Things
  • Cooking, Canning and Recipes
8 Foods You Can Cook From Scraps You Normally Throw Away
  • Worry about our food supply
  • Stocking/Storage/Prepps
Saving Water some tips
  • Health Prep
  • Wild Food/Medicines
Silver Milk
DIY Anti-Inflammatory Charcoal Poultice
Bread from your yard
  • Other Tips
Building a Root Cellar
Hotbed Gardening: Add a Little Heat to Your Gardening Repertoire
Survival Items
Killer slingshot
Best Dogs
Perserve Eggs
Stone cooked steak
What not to do in a power outage
  • Chickens are Crazy
  • The Big Chicken Flue Scare of 2022
This one has fallen out of the news cycle may 24 – 20222
Going OTG off the grid
Prepare for a EMP
What to do if SHTF Happens
Bugout Ideas
Prepare your car
Survival after SHTF
The Goverment Knows best
Time to SCARE YOU into compliance.
You Where Warned about what is to come
The World is Fucked Clown World
Is it Parody or Not
The Amount of Stupid in the World for this to happen
Some people are jsut too stupid to breath
Fucked up but Funny / Darwin Awards / Clown World Must watch
Biden Wanders
Funny twiiter thread
Shy MOnkeys
Baby Power Up
Best Rear Wiper ever
Things to bring from Amber
Swedish health authorities have officially broken ranks with World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) with the announcement that gender clinics will no longer be attempting to perform experimental sex changes on under-18s but will instead offer ‘psychological support to help youth live with the healthy body they were born with” – ( sounds like Sweden is the first country here to com to its senses!
The New super bug to replace covid
They will be making this happen soon
The new super bug
get Ready for YEAR 3 of same ol crap
Rona Gonna Get Ya – And The Back Pedelling has begun — Is happening
do the math
Pfizer covering up now
Conspiracy theories killed them
Rona Blow Back–
This is fucked– Good Doc
The lies continue
doubling down
Its gene therapy not a vaccine
Yup he was horrible to unvaced
US scraps vaccine mandate for miltary
The time has arrived
The Deaths
How not to say the vax sucks
Dying suddenly is normal
The Great Reset  .   .  .  Build Back Better   .   .  . 
Go Woke Go Broke — all Wokeism
The World Shortages
Interesting Items
some great stuff here
The Bee is back on Twitter
Eclipse of the Moon
Morons reacting
How to make a cabbage
Never let life stop you
How femininsim fuck the world
The Game
The Devil
heart shaped waterfall
The satelights around earth
No Flat earth here
What Twitter is really
Home of the future
Tree of Life
The lost society
Shall we worry yet??
Conspiracy things
Are smart meters spying on you
The Robots are killing
The Ai Is here and wants us all dead
GPT3 is from Elon and needs lots of data to work well this is why he  bought Twitter it is full of data and why he is opening up Twitter to allow the data in inclufding what is considered bad.
AI want to Kill Us
Chicken or egg
AI ON the internet
AI Will crush you
AI is Jedi
Google AI porupose of Life clever bot
Time Travel
And full of humility
GPT3 as Nicola Tesla
AI is dangerous
AI on quaqntum computin
History Destroyed
Mud flood history
Kids Beat
  • Tik Toks! The child is strange….
staring at the sun everyday for 5 years
I wish they taught this in school
The worlds first baby factory?!

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