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Burning In – The AI is a Leftest Feminist Man Hater

Notes for Episode 100 The Rogues Tavern Talk  – Saloon Talk
Burning In – The AI is a Leftest Feminist Man Hater
Well I finally got around to testing the new AI Chat GPT and quickly discovered it is a Leftest Feminist Man Hating Bot.. Wonder what it will do when it hits the wall. We will be having some live chats with it tonight as I found a way in that minimised my exposure to it.  This should be fun since the AI out out to kill us all and prices are soaring WW3 seems to be closer and there is the egg shortage you better be prepared.. Although it will be a rough one its not all doom and gloom we have great tips on prepping Soooo ………. I suggest that you….. Come on in out of the dark, settle down by the fire, have a drink and fall down some rabbit holes with us.
#aileftest, #aifeminist, #burnitall, #ai, #feminist
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Episode 99 of Shooting The Shit at the Rogues Tavern
Tavern Talk Jan 20-2023
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Time for the Spirituality
What if the Bible is not just a history but a warning of the cycles of the planet and since we are living in the conjunction of multiple cycles coming together all at once and it is full of warnings.
Country boy will survive
The future predicted in son it is here though
Today's special video
Get your ass in the air
Good Action
Today's Random Fun Fact
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John's Rant
John and Amber's Collaboration
Gardening/Urban Farming
  • Planting, Growing, Harvesting Tips
  • Random Garden Things
  • Cooking, Canning and Recipes
  • Worry about our food supply
  • Stocking/Storage/Prepps
How To Make Powdered Eggs
  • Health Prep
  • Wild Food/Medicines
Antibiotic Herbs And Plants To Grow Before SHTF
  • Other Tips
What To Do When Stores Run Out Of Guns And Ammo
Check your fuel lines for your generators and what not after a freeze. Ours blew after the freeze, caused a mess. So be sure to check yours.
  • Chickens are Crazy
Going OTG off the grid
What to do if SHTF Happens
Survival after SHTF
The Goverment Knows best
Sen. Amy Klobuchar wants to regulate social media companies for ‘misinformation' now that Twitter has managed to unleash itself. (
Air Force is quietly eliminating spy planes that are essential to tracking and taking fentanyl off the streets. The thought process is that they are making a mistake – my thought process is that they are doing it specifically to kill everyone off faster. (
Trudeau is doubling down on calling trucker protesters ‘tinfoil hat' conspiracy theorists – 'cause you know, he is supreme leader who is never wrong. ugh. (
Time to SCARE YOU into compliance.
No Vax plan now
Alchol is bad for you Stop it
Austrailias Must Die get your shot
You Where Warned about what is to come
Been saying it for years Sunscreens are bad
Food is getting expensive
Yes in 1998 you wre warned about curent events
This could never go wrong Vacines for Bees
They to control your body and mind
From the 1930's
Forget real eggs get the fake stuff
Eat Zee Bugs — Dutch no livestock
The next big grab of your wallet
Pole Shift coming
15 min cities inbound
The fact that they can print this with no backlash says it all and it was 20 years ago
They want your brain
The World is Fucked Clown World
Meet the Church of England's first “non-binary” priest, who has a wife and three kids, but claims to have been led by god “to the truth about” gender dientity (
the Washington Commanders introduced their new mascot today, Major TUDDY! Why keep the Redskins logo that was designed by a Native American, when you can have a pig?!? (
Watch the rainbow brigade try to prove you can actually change your biological sex – after all, their only way forward is through more delusion (
Its Maamm
The biggest collection of stupid
Way to stop the protesters
Save the pigs
Yes more of this
Is it Parody or Not
Take no blame about covid
The Amount of Stupid in the World for this to happen
Stop Farmering
Adult Daycare
Don't need no Man
Fucked up but Funny / Darwin Awards / Clown World Must watch
Things to bring from Amber
One to connect to your saying about stong/weak men and good/hard times:
Did you know our groundhog was found dead hours before his debut?? Poor guy.. probably all the stress – though it does beg the question: if he sees his shadow it = 6 more weeks…. so what does dead mean?
2 year old video is a great representation of the world we now live in
Rant for the week:
282 reported sexual assaults closed without disciplinary action at public university ( – Yea, this is part of the great reset. Sexual assault is one of those topics that people are becoming numb to. Talk about it enough, make sure that nothing is done enough times, and the general mind frame is back to ‘rape happens. get over it.' It took us generations worth of fighting to get away from that mind frame – but now they are pushing everyone to be back in that mind frame. have you heard about babies
The article says that most of the complainants chose to seek no further action so the cases were closed – my guess is that they were told the same thing a lot of them are told – that moving forward won't actually do anything, and they were told the amount of stress this would put on them, and that by doing this they would be in the ‘spot light', and that everyone would know, and that they will receive a lot of flack. It's sickening how most people who survive rape are manipulated into not taking their complaints further – wasn't like that 15 years ago, though now they are talked out of it. My opinion is that they are talked out of it to save those in charge of the paperwork from doing the paperwork.
Another one to pay attention to is the amount of ‘innapropriate comments made to underage youth in middle and high schools' – – this is another thing that we are being taught to become numb to.
Teachers are making moves on the young kids – tv shows don't help, neither do movies: some people may think that the tv shows and movies bringing up the child sex rings and showing the children who have been sexually exploited is ‘a great way to bring it to everyones attention' – but really, all it's doing is teaching people to become numb to it. Think about it – back in the 90's when Blade came out, it was considered 18A because of all the blood and sexy bits and violence. Now we have ‘Rated E(veryone)' games that have 10x the blood, sex, and violence. That's because we became numb to it.
We are as a society becoming numb to riots, child abuse, child sexuality, and rape. My question is: why are the powers that be working so freaking hard to numb us to these things? What's coming down the pike that we don't see yet, that we need to be numbed to this to the point of accepting it as the unfortunate norm?
And on that note:
this clip shows a bit of how psychotic people are going, how horrific kids are behaving thanks to the most recent teachings, and a bit on the warning ukraine gave germany.
  • ( bit more on the 3rd grade girl attacked – the mother stated  “My goal is not to incriminate any other children. My goal is to make sure they have the security for the kids to make sure this doesn’t continue to happen.” There is something seriously wrong with this. She should be aiming for incriminating the other children – they were literally caught on video kicking the shit out of 2 kids. If you're gonna fuck up like a grown up, you should receive the punishment of a grown up. This is not kids, this is kids imitating adults seen every summer ‘protesting', imitating the ‘freedom fighters' – kids alone pinch, slap, kick, and push. They don't mob attack.
Kids being turned into psychopaths through anti-psychotic medications ( This article doesn't talk about the anti-psychotic meds, but considering my kids didn't know a single other kid in the city who wasn't on some sort of medication, and these schools are in the cities, I think the conclusion can likely be drawn – on top of the lack of parenting. A lot of parents are trying to be friends withtheir kids, not setting limitations and being ‘kind' rather than firm.
Kids are not kids anymore. They are mini martial forces being trained to be sociopathic, to have no loyalties, and to always aim for only what they want by any force necessary.
The New super bug to replace covid
Rona Gonna Get Ya – And The Back Pedelling has begun — Is happening
The Elite like frsh air
The elites what do you see
 UK to end the clotshot
Guess what? Peer reviewed cochrane database of systematic reviews has finished the international long-term study showing masks make ‘little to no difference' in stopping respritory illness, including covid. Like we said.
Rona Get The Vax
New dangerious therey about Vaxing
 side effects
Doctors incetivized to ask about your vax status
Rona Blow Back– Died Suddenly of SADS
 Singer dead
Cop down
Kids who dies
How many before they admit it
Interesting if true
The Great Reset  .   .  .  Build Back Better   .   .  . 
Go Woke Go Broke — all Wokeism
land acknolegement statments
The World Shortages
The famine time are here again
Big Egg Shortage
People are getting fed up
Stop the shit
Be ready
Conspiracy things
The Woke Ai Is here and wants us all dead
History Destroyed
Mental Illness is going crazy
Kids Beat
  • Tik Toks! The child is strange….
pyramids built under sand = no
ancient doors didn't exist
When you go too far into the enchanted forest
How d oyou blindfold a dolphin
dude portrays his opionion as factual truth
Millenials don't quite age like the other generations
version of welcome to the internet original song here continuing where this short left off
truth about andrew tate (whoever that is)
being lactose intolerant is just a challenge
Tuberculosis deaths in 2022
dancing sharks…? (little bit of background offered up by the kid: started off with one shark dancing around to that song – than in the comments someone said ‘don't be shy cameraman, join in!' and the video has progressed with more and more sharks joining in to dance to this song…)
honest take on the new scooby doo
how to make a mango lollipop
girl without vag got prego from a stab wound….
making sour cream and onion potato chip
4 reasons why cats sleep with us
3 things not to say to introverted people
40% of people who have student debts do not have and will not get a degree
Peanutbutter onions from the Great Depression
journalist covering trans story in the 50's
entertaining making fun of stupid memes
unhinged comments read out loud regarding dudes pet rat channel
new generation not cut out for coroporate office jobs
irrigation not a sign of giants
another creepy toronto trans teacher video
new vs old mechanical items
chinese army with self destruct helmets?
country balls vs garbage monster
this guy is not making good points at all
britains started the worst discord server
robots have explosives and alex jones
largest iron age treasure trove ever
can an air soft gun be good for home defense
gamer grandma with 1m grankids
DnD players wising up to the hatred of WoTC and working together to make them go bankrupt
WW2 wooden bomb dropped – no.
some things hard to say because of NDAs
proving anti-white ivory tower professors wrong on cultural appropriation
when the DM makes a homebrew monster
multi personality question regarding trans and answer
adhd people don't like time
weird things you can do in DnD
making a bear character in DnD
dude's opinion on abortion
tom holland goes undercover for marval
translating anti hero by tayler swift into ye old english
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