Rogues’ Hot Sauce


Rogues’ Hot Sauce Available at the Honeymoon Bay Market and for shipping to Canadian addresses.

This is a unique blend of peppers from local producers and peppers grown at The Oasis. It varies from mild peppers such as the Habanada to blazing hot which is made with peppers as hot as the Carolina Reaper.

Rogues’ Hot Sauce is made in small batches and the flavour profile will change from batch to batch as the peppers being used change.

The Rogues’ Hot Sauce recipes are a unique creation from The Rogue. If you would like to try and recreate the hot sauce yourself, our recipe is available if you become a Sheriff level member on the site.  Click this link to Become a Member and gain access to the recipe and receive a discount on all products on the site.

Additional information

Weight .285 kg
Heat Range

Mild – Horus Blend, Medium – Anaku Blend, Hot – Haydes Blend, Scorching Hot – Dante's Inferno, Smokey Hot – Special Blend, Extreme Heat – Satets Blend – made with Carolina Reaper and Scorpion Peppers


Rogues’ Hot Sauce

The Rogues' Oasis