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Social Media is Killing Our Civilization

I recently read in a book about a new theory of what destroyed previous High Civilizations. This theory discusses that in the previous civilizations they ...
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Humanity at a Crossroad – Changing Times– For Good or Bad

The New Year is almost upon us and there is a feeling in the air of change. It is yet to be determined if this ...
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Opening The Portals to Hell!!

This is an extra show to help catch up on the notes and, while looking though the notes I realized that allot of what needs ...
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Rogues' Spicy Pickled Eggs

This is an excellent pickled egg recipe and if you do not like it hot use less or drop the red pepper flakes.
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There Is No Such Thing As A Moral Government!!!

Todays question is what does the government do and how many times have we created AI and then killed it until we could bring it ...
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What is Reality? – When Reality Is Shaken!

Some thoughs about all these videos out of China who is filming these events and how do they get them by thier censors and why ...
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