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Welcome to The Tavern this is The Journey of a Rogue on his quest for Perfection.

Making a Better Life

Articles & videos from the Rogue on his journey to being the man he should have been, in the hopes that younger men won't make the same mistakes.

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Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Travelling life is like a trip along Route 66 there are high place and places that are low. I never travelled the whole route but have done several hundred miles on the route. Along the section that I did drive there where some places doing well and others that have fallen into dilapidation and neglect. This is what is happening in the world today in a major way as the elites of the world have decided that they need to eliminate everything that does not involve them. If you look at the world you will see that we were doing pretty well up until 2 years ago. Yes things were rough but we still had it pretty good here in the west lots of food prices not too high. In the last two years they (the elites) decided that everything needed to be destroyed.

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Surviving The New World Order – Lots of Side Affects here

Surviving The New World Order – Lots of Side Affects here

Getting Ready for the coming future is now more of a challenge than it was. Shortages, prices rising. The jabbed have side affects to face. The world is sideways cats and Dogs Living together. Its just Caos out there. You only have a short time left.  …..

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The Spice Must Flow!!

It is now on us folks we are no longer looking at SHTF it is here and you need to be prepared. Learn what to stockpile, we talk about garden preparedness. The Rona is still in the background along with the VacJab governments are still crazy. Prices are rising everywhere. The great reset is here and well I suggest that you just…..

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Current Events Predicted by Time Traveller John Titor

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The Purge Has Begun

The Canadian Government has gone full retard and they are only the first. There is so much more trouble in the world today and you need to be prepared for what has now started and is no longer just coming.  Look at past shows for tips we have given on being prepared and up your preps.

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Challenge to the Status Quo – Not The Fringe Minority

Come on in out of the dark, settle down by the fire, have a drink and fall down some rabbit holes with us.

We talk about prepping and cooking as well as the HONK! HONK! fringe minority. The Canadian Government going full retard and more.

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